Maria and Gav – Galu Seaside, Cyprus

Cyprus Wedding Photography…It really doesn’t get much better than this…


Cyprus Wedding Photography. Think of that perfect mid blue sky, not a single cloud in sight and you are in paradise. That is a Cyprus sky. The Galu Seaside is a light contemporary venue perfect for Cyprus wedding photography. Galu Seaside sits right on the beach of Larnaca Bay. The white painted decking and gazebos are very beautiful. Chandeliers hang elegantly. The sparkling blue sea and private sandy beach lend a wonderful atmosphere. It’s a totally unique and also stylish place. Also, it is so relaxing at the same time. Truly refreshing and stunning! A place that makes your heart beat.


Gorgeous white rose, orchid, and peony floral decoration dotted the venue. Elegant white chairs with simple white sashes for the guests. Also, chandeliers and fairy lights created the setting for Maria and Gavin’s “I do” moment.


Maria prepared for her special day with her mother at a private villa. First of all, came the hair and makeup for all of the girls and then her mother helped her into her wedding dress. The dress was a simply stunning one, with a beautiful lace pattern and cut out back. Her bridesmaids complemented her perfectly in their pale mint green dresses. Simple hand tied posies of roses and peony finished off the look. Her father when he saw her was very emotional. Maria looked amazing.

Gav got ready at another villa not too far from Maria. He was joined by his groomsmen and two best men. The were nerves and also laughter. Gav looked lovely in his pale grey suit. We took gorgeous shots of Gav once he was all ready for his big day.


As guests gathered and took their places, Gav waited with his best man. Anxious and excited to see Maria for the first time as a Bride. She walked down the aisle on her father’s arm and when she saw Gav, a huge smile erupted on her face and the ceremony began. Rings were exchanged and promises made. Then came their Buddhist ceremony. It was a very touching ceremony and we loved capturing the emotions. A hurricane of rose petal confetti was thrown at the couple and the couple also released two white doves.


We whisked Maria and Gav off after the group photographs and took them to the beach. They also posed by the stretch limo hired for the day. We captured some lovely shots of them and the light was truly magical for this part of the day. Most of all, this is one of our favourite parts of a wedding day. To have the couple alone and create lasting and beautiful memories.


Time for the wedding breakfast! This was set up on the decking. Tables were named after the Gods and Goddesses of Cyprus. The set up was simple and stylish, with gold rimmed china and crystal glasses. Centerpieces of roses, orchids, and peonies with and gold accents adorned each table. Maria and Gavin’s wedding cake was four tiered with gold laurel accents. The food served was really tasty and everyone seemed to enjoy it all. In addition to the meal were speeches and cake cutting. While the guests finished their desserts we took the couple off for a sunset shoot in and around the venue.


The Party! Maria and Gav’s wedding finally finished with dancing, Love Lights, and fireworks. Cypriot Dancers were there for entertainment. Lots of dancing and fun as a result. It was truly an EPIC night!


In conclusion, this maybe one of our most favourite Cyprus wedding photography venues. The ceremony was a true highlight and taught us something new. Most noteworthy is that the staff at Galu went above and beyond to make us feel welcome as always. Also, Maria and Gav would like to thank all the suppliers who made their amazing day so special and unique to them.


A few days later after their amazing wedding day, we took Maria and Gav out for some fun. Just the two of them. Maria wore her wedding dress for part of the shoot as we found some stunning locations. The Sea Caves and Rock Arch always make the most stunning backdrop. The came the underwater shoot and we captured some truly unique shots. Thank you guys for trusting us in the water.

Enjoy the slide show of their wedding below



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