Hiring Ibiza Wedding DJ – What should you consider?

Hiring Ibiza Wedding DJ – what should you consider?

Ibiza Wedding DJ  – Ibiza may be full of DJ’s but are they suitable for a wedding? The majority are amazing in a club or bar situation with a whole lot of happy smiley people all up for a party. But a DJ for a wedding is usually different, even for weddings in Ibiza.

If you have the whole family there with you for your special day, you will need somebody who can play tunes the all your guests know. Tunes that have the flavour of Ibiza and someone who can read the dance-floor. And keep the party going no matter what the musical tastes of your guests.

Other key factors…

Another key factor to consider is the licensing laws in Ibiza with regards to noise. Also, the authorities are very hot on keeping noise to a minimum past midnight. Any party would have to move indoors and even then at reduced volumes. Most wedding venues will only allow their own sound system to be used and these are more than adequate for a wedding. After midnight, for those that want to carry on celebrating Ibiza has the amazing clubs that it is famous for at their disposal playing music till the following morning.

Ibiza is such an amazing location for a wedding and therefore with the right Ibiza wedding DJ, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Worth considering is the hiring of additional musicians to jam along with the DJ such as a drummer, saxophonist or electric violinist, there are some amazing musicians in Ibiza.

As a DJ, I work across all genres of music and alongside people such as Groove Armada and Sigala and regularly can found at exclusive weddings in the UK and Ibiza. Club wise I played at many bars and clubs on the island.  

If you would like to find out more about the services I can provide in terms of DJing for you at your wedding in Ibiza then you can contact me on my Ibiza weddings page DJ 


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