Use this helpful 5 point guide to why hiring professional wedding photographers is crucial for your big day and that if you don’t, you may be disappointed. We understand people have budgets to stick to but we really cannot express enough how important the photographs of your wedding day will be to you. They are the only lasting tangible memories of your day.

Amazing wedding photography is more than just a fancy expensive camera…

Aimie and I have spent literally a thousand of hours training to be a photographer and then another thousand or so photographing destination weddings all over the world, from Ibiza, Mexico, Scotland and our home in Cyprus. We know how to get the shot right every time. We know how to compose the shot beautifully and execute it with our skills. It is not the camera that delivers your beautiful photos – it is the professional wedding photographer. As professional wedding photographers we shoot in manual mode, we tell our cameras what they should be doing rather than letting them do all the talking. So if you have dreamed of that beautiful image of you and your new partner, gorgeously backlit by a golden sunset, you can only obtain that with a professional photographer who knows how to interpret the light.

Ibiza wedding photographers

Professional Wedding Photographers understand how your day flows…

Having experienced hundreds of different styles of weddings, that allows us as professional wedding photographers to predict just where to be and what to look for. We know just the moment partners look at each other as they see each other for the first time. We know the moment that you will burst out laughing from a witty speech and also that moment of pure love during a first dance. These are the times you can only capture with great experience. Professional wedding photographers can round up a large number of family and people, for your formal group portraits in a cheerful, cooperative way and without shouting. Well sometimes without shouting. This takes years of experience and finding out what to say (and what not to say) during a day when everyone’s emotions are high.

So hiring a photographer who does not have experience of weddings can also be a bad move. They will not know the general running of a wedding day, what happens when and where they need to be for the important and creative shots. Yes, they may photograph landscapes in a stunning way, but can they move from group shots to close-up shots of flowers and rings?

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Professional Wedding Photographers understand lighting…

Professionals understand all types of light and know how to photograph in difficult lightings, such as churches or venues with artificial lighting. They can walk into any room and know within seconds where the best spot is to stand and where the best light will be every time, without fail. Your guests will not always determine how to brighten a dark venue. Going from a dark venue to a light venue requires you to monitor the light constantly and react by changing the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed settings on the camera. Your guests will not always determine how to adjust to a darker space.

ibiza wedding photography

Problems do happen…

What happens if your friend or relative you chose to do your wedding photography is ill on the day? Do they know another photographer they can call in at very short notice? We have a network of photographers to contact if needs be. Speaking of setbacks, a friend or guest will not have insurance or public liability. What if something goes wrong on the day and they cause an accident? Who will be responsible for any breakages or damages?

Also, if you hire a friend or have your guests take the photos, are they truly going to commit to the entire day? Guests can over indulge with the festivities and a friend with a decent camera may not realize the full length of a wedding. We as professional wedding photographers can start anytime in the morning until very late in the evening. Do you truly believe your friend or guests will continue going for the entire day? They are there to enjoy themselves too and important shots could be lost.

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We are always prepared…

When hiring professional wedding photographers like ourselves, we come to every wedding with a lot of equipment. This normally includes a minimum of two professional camera bodies each, multiple lenses, lighting, multiple memory cards, large quantities of batteries, brackets, extension cords, light stands, light modifiers, alternative lighting sources. While not every item will be utilized during the wedding day, we bring it anyway to cover every eventuality, including, change in location due to poor weather, unexpected shots to capture, etc. Non-professional photographers ordinarily do not carry backup cameras with them. So, if anything does go wrong with their camera, they will not have another one and the remainder of the wedding will go unphotographed.

We always believe it is best to book the full day with us. Although, if your budget is smaller, hiring professional wedding photographers for the pivotal moments of the day is beneficial than not capturing anything at all. Do not sacrifice on your wedding photographs because at the end of the wedding day, the food and flowers will fade but your wedding photographs will remain.

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They will be your testament of one of the most momentous and amazing events in your lives together. So hiring professional wedding photographers makes sense.

We look forward to to hearing from you all.

Nick & Aimie x

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