How to Book Your Destination Wedding in Cyprus

Think of your destination wedding in Cyprus as you would think of the best dinner you’ve ever eaten (trust us on this one!). Your wedding should be full of flavour, dripping with personality and you should be bursting with memories at one familiar scent or taste.

Now consider whether a one-size-suits-many chain restaurant is going to deliver that wonderfulness, or whether it’s a local chef, who gets to know your tastes and preferences one to one. It’s an easy call, right?

Just as the very best ingredients are those sourced right from the farm and cooked by a single, talented chef, with all the authenticity, traceability and quality pinned down, the very best destination weddings are booked and organised direct with first-class wedding venues and truly epic, trustable planners. People who will get to know you as you, and not just one of countless other couples as they churn out generic wedding after wedding.

Instead, your entire wedding journey will be shared with a hand-picked group of individual people, just like Amie and I as your destination wedding photographer. And the perk of individual people? We’re real, and we get it!

Peek behind the scenes at Natalie and Jack's gorgeous covid-19 wedding in Cyprus, captured by top Liopetro wedding photographer Beziique!

Forget the anonymity, the passing between different team members, and the having to relay the same thing five times to five different people. With your own carefully chosen wedding venue, photographer and planner and no anonymous booking agency, when you jump onto Skype or pop over a WhatsApp message on your travels, we’ll be the people picking it up at the other end. We’ll know you personally, we’ll share your vision, and we’ll have the passion and commitment to make it happen.

Go behind the scenes of our 1st Cyprus wedding since covid-19 as Vasilias wedding photographer for Liam & Chloe dream destination wedding.

This isn’t just another wedding to a large agency group, who might work with hundreds of couples at a time. This is your wedding, with your dedicated wedding planner, your trusted wedding venue coordinator, and us, your totally epic destination wedding photographer. We’ll be by your side at every step of the way.

We’ll be there when you need us at the drop of a hat. Planners, photographers, venue coordinators – we’ve all been known to single-handedly move mountains when our couples need us, and we’ll do it for you too. It doesn’t matter if it’s not within office hours, because your wedding matters to each of us personally, and we know how much that matters to you.

Discover how Ellie and Jack's ethereal, romantic Cyprus wedding unfolded, captured magically moment by moment by us, their Minthis Hills wedding photographer.

Every couple dreams of a destination wedding in Cyprus packed full of personality, and by collaborating hand in hand with a local wedding planner and venue you can trust, it’s easier than ever for your dreams to come true. You get all the help with the logistics, translations and paperwork, so while you tuck into delicious menu tastings, your trusted independent wedding planner is busy behind the scenes ensuring everything falls effortlessly into place.

Discover how Ellie and Jack's ethereal, romantic Cyprus wedding unfolded, captured magically moment by moment by us, their Minthis Hills wedding photographer.

Here at Beziique we love to collaborate with local wedding planners as we capture the most jaw-dropping celebrations in Cyprus, Ibiza and beyond. In fact, we even got together with one of the very best – the super Katie at Marry Me Cyprus – to bring you the ultimate A-Z planning guide for your destination wedding.  Check it out and find tons of inspiration for your perfect wedding abroad, then make the next move and get your wedding plans on the radar of the best independent wedding planners.

How to Book Your Destination Wedding in Cyprus 1

And if you fancy starting with the search for your magazine-worthy venue, then let us bring your eyes over here, to our hand-picked edit of the most luxe and camera-worthy wedding venues in Cyprus and Ibiza. These are the settings to make your hearts swoon, and we’ll be right there behind the lens to capture the fireworks as they do. Your destination wedding in Cyprus starts here.

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