Fleur and Kazem – Vasilias Nikoklis Inn, Cyprus

Wedding Photography Cyprus – Fleur and Kazem Sneak Peek.

Vasilias Nikoklis, Cyprus. First of all, there cannot be many venues on the island of Cyprus as amazing and unique as this one is!  The venue is intimate and pretty and that is why we love it. The Vasilias venue is the heart of Cyprus charm, standing remote in the beautiful countryside.  It has a truly traditional Cyprus feel. Furthermore, there are stunning views, idyllic settings amongst flowers and trees, a setting that will take your breath away with its tranquillity and calmness. Also, there are goats!

The venue itself is vibrant and full of colour. The constant good staff made us welcome again. Its a visual feast for the eyes. The perfect setting for a chilled Cyprus boho wedding. The deep blue skies above are so intense, the smell of flowers in the air is intoxicating and the most delicious food is available.

This venue oozes Cyprus boho charm – chilled!

Fleur and Kazem chose this venue for a reason and we can so clearly see why. The joy here at Vasilias is amazing for us as wedding photographers and there are lots of hidden corners perfect to have pictures taken or to just sit and relax taking in all the positive energy of the Cyprus vibe. We would like to thank Fleur & Kazem for booking us for their wedding in Cyprus, it was a day of sheer joy and fun. We would also like to thank the helpful friendly team, they were amazing on the day, making sure everything ran smoothly and immaculately presented.

Please look out for the full blog coming soon to our JOURNAL page, enjoy the images from their wonderful day in this short slideshow.