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Trash The Dress

Take your wedding photographs to a whole new level with a trash the dress photoshoot.

The unique and fearless approach brings the couples beautiful look into an unexpected setting and captures it as they intentionally ruin the dress by getting it dirty or drenched. Some even choose to destroy or tear the dress entirely. While this style of wedding photography definitely takes a lot of bravery, it also produces some incredible and unique shots. Of course you don’t have to trash the actual wedding dress, some brides opt for a second dress to wear especially for this fun shoot.

Pre Wedding & Location Shoots

There are so many beautiful places that we can capture you and your partner. From sunlit beaches, small rustic villages, vistas over mountains and even on a dam. These will give you truly different and lasting memories of the time before or after your wonderful wedding day.

We have years of experience finding locations that have a real impact and wow factor.

Trash The Dress

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