Rivervale Barn Hampshire Wedding Photography

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Rivervale Barn Hampshire Wedding Photography

If you have found this page, it is very likely that you are looking for your perfect wedding photographer for your special day at the Rivervale Barn.

Look no further, your search is now over. This is a purpose built wedding venue in a converted barn in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. It is so very quaint and rustic. As if someone has brought down a little slice of medieval times and placed it all over this rural location. The barn has wooden beams and is very romantic. The ceremony venue can be lit by fairy lights and candles, which creates a magical ambience. It is a very private, exclusive venue. Truly magical. The team at Rivervale is highly dedicated to making your wedding day the most special day of your lives. Oh, and the food here is to die for. So delicious.

Perfect English charm in a Barn!

We cannot recommend this amazing wedding venue highly enough to you. Most of all this venue is very well appointed and has rooms and places for both bride and groom to get ready separately. Certainly, it has every luxury afforded as you can imagine. There are wonderful relaxing large beds, special personal touches, and facilities for guests are available. Some wedding venues are just simply special, Rivervale Barn is no exception at all. If you book your wedding celebrations and wedding photography here and you will be able to create the simply the most amazing memories with exquisite backdrops like these. Be treated kings and queens but in a traditional style!

At Beziiqué, we believe that great Hampshire wedding photography goes far beyond technical skill and asking the happy couple and their guests to smile for the camera. It’s about creating unforgettable experiences and timeless, beautiful pieces of art that capture every moment of your special day.

No matter where you are in the world we would love to hear from you soon,

Nick & Aimie

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