Sa Punta – Ibiza


First of all, if you are searching for your wedding photographer Sa Punta Ibiza then look no further. This page was specially designed for couples, and we also welcome you to Beziiqué.

Located at the furthest point of the Bay of Talamanca, just 5 minutes from the city of Ibiza is Sa Punta, a unique restaurant in Ibiza where local people, influential visitors, and the international jet set come together to savor their fabulous food and the good vibes. First of all, the charm of Sa Punta is born of the chic and relaxed style of the Mediterranean atmosphere. Its impeccable modern decoration is complemented by its amazing location – with crystal clear waters on the coast, completed by spectacular views of the old part of the city of Ibiza.

We are Beziiqué Destination Wedding Photographers and shoot all over Ibiza and also the rest of the Balearic Islands. We love to travel and visit new places to capture intimate moments and create memories. Feel free to take a look at our recent journal. You will see, that we truly love the beauty of natural environments and the intimate moments created between couples.

We are edgy, chic, emotional and timeless. Our signature fine art photography is 100-percent unique. Thanks to the complementary styles real-life couple Nick and Aimie Wild, your principal photographers. Bringing male and female perspectives and aesthetics to our work. Brides and grooms can instantly feel at ease knowing their needs are truly understood.

Our passion… your story…

We have ten years’ experience shooting stunning destination weddings. Creating clean-cut, perfectly composed, dramatically stylised images showcasing the newlyweds and the landscape. We take care of the all-important details.  For us, it is all about capturing raw emotion, friends, family, and fun. Together, we create magic.

Telling the story of your wedding day from start to finish, Beziiqué photography packages are also customizable to suit you. In addition to shooting the big day itself, extras such as engagement shoots, trash the dress sessions, underwater photos or albums can be bolted on to your package.

In conclusion, our happiness, creativity, and camaraderie is infectious. Yet at the same time, we are also laidback, calm and easy-going with you, our clients. At Beziiqué, it’s really all about love. First of all, love for what we do, a love of Mallorca and its golden light. Secondly, love for our couples and perhaps what makes it most special, love for each other. We make art that comes from the heart.

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