A-Z of Planning a Wedding in Cyprus

So, you’re planning a wedding in Cyprus? Congratulations! You’ve chosen one of the most stunningly beautiful, sun-kissed, short-haul wedding destinations – one that we know inside out as a top Cyprus wedding photographer. Today, the totally awesome Katie from Marry Me Cyprus is joining us and together, we’ve created an A-Z guide to planning a wedding in Cyprus for you.

Ready to make your wedding in Cyprus totally epic? Then these are the insider tips you need!

A is for Authentic

This is one of the biggest buzzwords at Beziique. Couples come to us looking for photos that are authentic and an experience that is down to earth. We’ll create some totally romantic posed shots, but we’ll also be there every moment, capturing fleeting seconds you never knew we could, but will treasure so much after the big day.

B is for Beziique

We’ve been voted in the top 10 destination wedding photographers in the world. And we’ve scouted out the very best venues, locations and destinations in Cyprus (and beyond!) for you to say ‘I do’. Explore our journal for epic photo inspiration, or jump start the planning with our guide to the best Cyprus wedding venues.

C is for Checklists

Lists might not be the most romantic of things, but they’re such a simple way to keep your plans and budget on track. Check out this ultimate planning timeline from Marry Me Cyprus to get your vision locked down.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Hannah and Keith's sun-kissed, laid-back wedding in Cyprus with Beziique, their epic Vasilias Cyprus wedding photographer.

D is for Date

“You’re not going to be able to please everyone but remember this is your wedding day.” encourages Marry Me Cyprus‘ Katie.  “This is when you’re allowed to be selfish and choose the best time for you.  Just remember, popular times of the year get booked early so a reasonably priced non-refundable booking fee gives you peace of mind that your date is secure.”

E is for Exchange Rates

“Consider specialist currency companies such as Transferwise, Revolute or Currency Fair,” suggests Katie. “This will make a difference to your budget and often leave a few extra pennies in your pocket.” Money-savvy tips like these can make such a different when planning a wedding in Cyprus.

F is for Finances

Planning a wedding in Cyprus will need you to set a budget, just as you would getting married closer to home. Every couple wants that wow-factor ceremony entrance, dreamy reception styling and the party of all parties. Consider elements you could hire rather than buy (Marry Me Cyprus leads the way on this!) to get the look you love for less than buying new.

A-Z of Planning a Wedding in Cyprus 1

G is for Get Togethers

Planning a wedding in Cyprus with a weekend of adventure with your family and friends? From beachside barbecues to yacht excursions and post-wedding events, invite us to capture it all for you. Take a look at how we documented the magic for Antiona and Birger over their multiple day wedding.

H is for Honeymoon

“Many couples choose a location where they can also honeymoon,” explains Katie. “Cyprus, the Island of Love, with the sun and sea is a popular destination.  An added benefit with Cyprus is that even though you’re abroad, virtually everyone can speak English. They will love it if you make an effort with a few well known phrases too though.”

I is for Insurance

“You never know what’s round the corner, so research your wedding insurance with care to ensure it provides the cover we all hope won’t be needed,” advises Katie at Marry Me Cyprus. Whether planning a wedding in Cyprus or closer to home, this step is a must.

J is for Just In Case

Even the best laid plans can come with surprises, so as a top Cyprus wedding photographer, we always have plan B, C, and D on hand to ace your wedding photos. And with leading wedding planner Marry Me Cyprus on hand, any changes to the weather or last-minute tasks will be taken in their stride.

K is for Kick Back

Getting married is about finding the love of your life and committing to your forever together, but weddings? They’re about celebrating! Don’t be afraid to take your ideas and run with them, whether that’s a luxe villa wedding complete with club DJ, live sax player and casino games, or a dramatic Champagne toast at the sea caves, or a rustic and romantic party in the hills.

It’s all to play for and as your top Cyprus wedding photographer, we’ll be there to capture every drop of magic!

Often one of the biggest challenges of planning a wedding abroad, we’re regularly asked if a couple’s ceremony can be official, or if they should opt for a blessing instead.

“In Cyprus you’re assured everything is legal and it’s one of the easiest countries in the world for a destination wedding,” reassures Katie. “Do check what paperwork is needed and that your ceremony will be recognized legally in your home country.”

M is for Marry Me Cyprus

Here at Beziique as a top Cyprus wedding photographer, we have worked with Katie and the Marry Me Cyprus team more times than we count. They know how to nail a wedding brief and have the contacts, décor and design know-how you need to make your wedding look and feel totally great.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about who to choose as your planner, make it Marry Me Cyprus today!

N is for Night

Golden hour photos with sizzling sunsets are a specialty at Beziique, but the photo opportunities don’t stop there. As night falls, we’ll work with you to capture – quite literally – star studded photos with ultra dramatic lighting. These ones are great for gifting, framing or hanging on the wall!

O is for Outside

An open-air ceremony, reception or blessing is often top of a couple’s list planning a wedding in Cyprus. And why not, with glorious views, warm weather and sun on tap? Just remember to provide some shade – whether a bohemian stretch tent with a bar in situ, or a vine-laden pergola for a rustic touch.

P is for Planner

“There is no doubt a reputable experienced wedding planner takes the pressure off couples when it comes to guidance with choice of venues and arranging your wedding. Marry Me Cyprus are renowned for bespoke wedding planning services to cater for all needs , from an intimate town hall wedding to a 300-guest dream day,” explains Katie.

“All of our services include assistance of legal information and requirements, personal consultations and being with you throughout the entirety of the planning and on the day to provide you assurance and peace of mind from the start to the finish.”

Q is for Questions

Ask them! Planning a wedding anywhere in the world is an entirely new experience, and we’re here to help! Reach out by email or drop us a line on social. We’re not only there to capture your day – here at Beziique we’re with you all the way.

R is for Research

“If you are able to take a few days to visit before your wedding, so much the better.  It sets your mind at rest.  Using a wedding planner at Marry Me Cyprus means we will pick you up from your hotel, take you to the venue and show you around, meet with the owners, pop to Love Island Cakes for a tasting and a visit our famed Paphos Showroom – like a Toys R Us for wedding décor,” grins Katie.

S is for Save the Dates

“The more notice your guests have of a wedding abroad, the better.  Holidays with major tour operators are available around 18 months prior to your wedding date and individual flights are usually released around 10 months in advance,” explains Katie.

“If booked when released, it can make a big difference to the holiday budget and while not everyone may make a week’s holiday, there is so much more opportunity to ‘pop’ to Cyprus for a few days with lots of airlines.” Another great benefit of planning a wedding in Cyprus!

T is for Travel

“Ultimately the day is yours and you’re arranging it for the two of you,  but we all have special people in our lives, apart from your fiancé(e). Will they be willing to travel to see you on your wedding day?” asks Katie.

“A wedding abroad gives everyone a chance to also take their annual holiday and most guests jump at the opportunity for a little sunshine and a day you will never forget with all your loved ones in the same place.”

U is for Unique

Dazzling couple’s portraits beside the Paphos sea caves. Intimate moments as you dip in the sea, dress and all. Amazing memories as you clink Champagne flutes in a luxe four-by-four as we head into the wild for heart-stopping photos.

Your wedding in Cyprus really will be unique – now and forever – with Beziique. We go above and beyond as a top Cyprus wedding photographer to chase the light and deliver you unforgettable locations that make you fall in love with Cyprus all over again.

V is for Venues

“Location is paramount to your day and theme and your dreams, from rustic, idyllic, charming, traditionally Cypriot settings to open sandy beaches overlooking the gorgeous waters of the Mediterranean,” explains Katie.

“Consider the practicalities of your day and venue, the ‘brief’ you want and choose wisely from an amazing range found within our Venue Guide, unique to Marry Me Cyprus. Find something different that you wont find in the tour operator brochures and ‘little gems’ that only the wedding planners know!”

W is for Wardrobe

“Take the temperature into account when choosing your dress,” encourages Katie. “You and your husband to be must be comfortable for the day. Cyprus is HOT in the summer. Consider the practicality of walking in your dress and wearing it in some 40 degree temperatures! High heels are also often not the best match for sand. Opt for comfort and you will enjoy the day so much more.”

As a top Cyprus wedding photographer, we love to head off the beaten track with our couples. That makes comfy footwear ideal for getting those jaw-dropping photos, with a pair of heels on hand to slip on just in time for the camera to flash.

X is for Execution

Your entire wedding day experience will depend on the flow of moments within it. With a top wedding planner on hand, like Katie at Marry Me Cyprus, you’re guaranteed the day will run without a hitch.

Here at Beziique, as a top Cyprus wedding photographer, couples often tell us we were great help directing the day. We’ll work subtly and with smiles all round to gather your guests at the prime moments or to secret you away for a stunning couple’s session. The photos will be phenomenal.

Y is for You

Now is the time to focus on you when planning a wedding in Cyprus. Your guests are going to have a great time in the sun with so much  to celebrate, so stop stressing and enjoy some ‘you’ time before the wedding. Check into the spa with your bridal party, or enjoy a night for two at a luxe, private retreat. There’s no set way to get married in Cyprus – the world is your oyster, so do what works for you!

Discover how Ellie and Jack's ethereal, romantic Cyprus wedding unfolded, captured magically moment by moment by us, their Minthis Hills wedding photographer.

Z is for Zoom

Zoom, Skype, FaceTime… There are so many ways to have a face-to-face conversation from miles away, so planning a wedding in Cyprus feels just as personal at home or abroad. Get in touch to get the ball rolling with a top Cyprus wedding photographer on your A team!

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