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Beziique Ibiza Wedding Photography review of Cardamom


We love shooting Ibiza wedding photography. We have a passion for islands. Aimie and I live on one, Cyprus.  Also, we have our favourites around the world. Ibiza is one of those favourites. There is something about the light on that island that woos us and sets creative juices on fire. We love meeting new people and teams that make a couples day so special. Cardamom Bespoke Event Planners is one of those teams.

From the moment we arrived at the venue they made us feel so welcomed. Fun and friendly and also very caring of the couple they were dressing the venue for that day. This made our Ibiza wedding photography that day a joy and also a breeze. Extending a massive big thank you to the team but especially to Craig and Hélène.


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So who are Cardomam? Craig and Navine founded the business back in 2003 in the form of a restaurant, which grew into a luxury catering business before turning into a professional event, catering and production company.

The team

Craig manages the overall business operations and strategy. He leads the fantastic multi-lingual planning team including Lais, Helene & Fernando to work year-round creating incredible event ideas and styling tailored to each of their wonderful clients. Their team is passionate, experienced, understand the events industry, how to work successfully in Ibiza and have the best on-island contacts. They ensure every element of your event is delivered to perfection. Some of the stunning venues they have created magic at are Atzaro, Aguas de Ibiza and Can Curreu.

Cardamom will put every detail of your event into place. From planning your transport to lighting at your venue, Cardamoms team will do everything to enable your event to run seamlessly and leave your venue in perfect condition after your event finishes – this team are the mastermind of the business and take care of it all!

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So if you are looking for a planner in Ibiza, for your upcoming wedding, please look no further. We cannot recommend this company enough to you.

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Here is a slideshow of wonderful images from the wedding couple that used Cardamom for all their little details, from decorations, flowers, food, and entertainment. Enjoy the slide show and if you are looking for Ibiza wedding photography get in touch with us here.



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