Cyprus Wedding Photographer : 5 Unique Ways to Propose with a Valentine’s Day Gift

The most romantic holiday of the year is almost here for Cyprus Wedding Photographer Beziiqué…Valentine’s Day! There’s no wonder it’s
one of the most popular days for folks to get engaged on. Here at Beziique, we love capturing
life’s most precious moments with the help of being a long-established Cyprus Wedding Photographer. We can help you
find the perfect location for you and your partner in beautiful Cyprus or Ibiza. Every detail matters in a
marriage proposal, so don’t forget about the gift! Get inspired by these tips for an
unforgettable Valentine’s Day proposal.

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Picture perfect proposal

● Gift a photo album  to your S.O. filled with your favorite photos together and write your
proposal on the last page of the album as a surprise.
● Another option is to take a photo of yourself holding a sign saying, “Will You Marry
Me?” and place it as the last photo in the album.
● Leave extra pages for your engagement and wedding photos!

Cyprus Wedding Photographer, Ibiza Wedding Photographer

Sweet-tooth proposal

● Buy your partner a box of their favorite chocolates or sweets and replace one of them
with an engagement ring.
● They will be happy to receive their favorite sweets and then completely surprised when
they see a beautiful ring.
● Another option is to buy a bag of conversation heart candies and save one that says
“Marry Me?” to show to your S.O. when you’re ready to pop the question.
● If your partner doesn’t like candy, buy their favorite box of baked goods and place the
ring inside the box.

Cyprus Wedding Photographer, Ibiza Wedding Photographer, Engagement Photographer

“Will you be my Valentine?” proposal

● Purchase a box of Valentine cards and write a favorite shared memory of you two on
each card.
● Or, write a reason why you love them on each of the cards.
● Plant the cards everywhere for your S.O. to find — in their bag, the refrigerator, the
bedroom, bathroom etc.
● Write “Will You Marry Me?” and make sure they find that one last.

Cyprus Wedding Photographer : 5 Unique Ways to Propose with a Valentine’s Day Gift 1

Romantic roses proposal

● Buy your partner a Valentine’s Day themed bouquet and hide the engagement ring
inside one of the flowers.
● If you don’t want to put the ring inside of the bouquet, simply add a small note inside
the bouquet asking them to marry you.
● Alternatively, you can tie a small note to the bouquet’s stem wrap.

● Have your Cyprus Wedding Photographer there to capture the moment!

Cyprus Wedding Photographer, Ibiza Wedding Photographer, Engagement Photographer

Bookworm proposal

● If your S.O. enjoys reading books, buy them a romantic book of poems and carve out the
second half of the book to leave room for an engagement ring.
● You could also purchase a regular book that your partner would enjoy reading and
either write “Will You Marry Me?” on the first page or leave it inside as a surprise note.

Cyprus Wedding Photographer, Ibiza Wedding Photographer, Engagement Photographer

Final tips

Whether you’re planning a public proposal or a private one, try to make every detail special.
Make sure you both look your best by scheduling a manicure for your partner the day before
and treat your skin with an anti-aging cream. Don’t forget to schedule your Cyprus Wedding
Photographer to help commemorate the moment. You’ll be so happy you did when you have
amazing pictures that you can look back at to help you retell your engagement story.


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One Last Tip!

You Don’t wait until Valentine’s night to pop the question.

Do it at a romantic brunch, or an amazing picnic early in the day. He or she won’t be expecting it when the ring appears after Eggs Benedict or fried chicken instead of in the chocolate mousse. It will be just as romantic and far more surprising. Then…

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