Ruby and Angelos – Cypriot Wedding, Nicosia

Cyprus Wedding Photography – A truly Cypriot Wedding in two parts

The Preparations

Angelos, the groom got ready in Nicosia. His best man (koumbaro) gave him the last shave in the presence of his family and friends. He then dressed the groom in a shirt, waistcoat, tie and suit while musicians sang and played. Friends and family then wrapped the red scarf around the groom’s waist as a symbol of his fertility.  Angelos and his family and companions then made their way to the bride’s house, and all depart for the church.

Ruby got ready with her parents at their house on the day of the wedding. When she was in her dress and about ready to leave for the ceremony, musicians played and sang. The bride’s parents, chief bridesmaid (koumbara) and close friends wrapped a red scarf around her waist and head to symbolize her virginity.

The Wedding

Before entering the church, the bride’s parents give her away to Angelos, who was waiting for her with her bouquet. They walked up the aisle together. Their parents joined them and stood with them during the ceremony. During the ceremony the priest gives the couple ceremonial bread (prosfora) to eat and red Cypriot wine (koumandaria) to drink, symbolizing the wedding at Cana in Galilee, where Christ blessed the marriage and converted water into wine.  The bride’s chief attendant placed on the bride’s head a ceremonial headband (stefana). Angelos’s best man also placed a headband on the groom. During the Orthodox service, the priest said prayers over the newlyweds and their stefana, wishing them all of God’s blessings.

While wearing the stefana, Ruby and Angelos exchange wedding rings three times before placing them on the fourth finger of each other’s right hand, to recognize that God’s right hand is the hand that blesses.  The couple then performs the Dance of Isaiah, the priest leading them three times around the table that holds the Gospel and the Cross. The best man and chief bridesmaid walked behind the couple, holding the stefanas in place. The priest blessed the couple, removed the stefana and asks God to grant them a long, happy life together. Finally, the priest separated the couple’s joined hands, showing them that only God can separate them from one another.

Ruby and Angelos were now officially married.

After the church…

Ruby tossed her bouquet and one lucky lady caught it if she ever needs Cyprus wedding photography we hope she gets in touch. We captured the guests and took some lovely pictures of the married couple. So many family and friends. Cypriot weddings are all about the family and the village.

The Party

One thing the Cypriots know how to do perfectly is a party. Words cannot do it justice how much fun and laughter there was this day. Dancing, drinking, fun fun fun! We stayed into the wee hours with our couple and enjoyed the evening as much as they and all their friends and family did.

If you would like to work with us for your Cyprus wedding photography, we would love to hear from you.

For Part Two, scroll below the pictures….


The day after the wedding, Ruby and Angelos had an amazing dinner at their parents house. A lovely occasion full of warmth and love. Enjoy the images from this day.







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