Ibiza Wedding Photography Venues

Ibiza wedding photography venues, what makes them so special?

There are so many wonderful reasons we love to shoot Ibiza wedding photography venues on the White Isle. Most of all for us as destination wedding photographers, it boils down to three main details. First, there is the beautiful light, secondly the stunning locations and most importantly the love between two people.

Dramatic cliffs are dotted around the island, plus sandy beaches and the surrounding turquoise seas that reflect and scatter sunlight of varying dancing hues. These change all the time as the day progresses. The interplay of direct light and reflected rays produces a magical ambiance that casts a glow over the island. There are of course scientific explanations of the light, that may be interesting. But science can’t really account for its particular ephemeral beauty. From the long shadows of morning and afternoon to the fiery setting sun we love the light. It the language of the photographer. It is what photography means, writing with light- our language.

Love, Light, and Locations to die for…Ibiza wedding photography venues

Next, the locations. Ibiza has some of the most amazing wedding venues we have seen in the world. From beautiful cliffside venues like the Hacienda Na Xamena, that looks like a slice of heaven was sprinkled there. The Atzaro is simply amazing. To the smaller more Bohemian beach bar venues such as the Aiyanna.

Couples will find a wedding venue for every style on this Island. Ranging from the hippy beach weddings to the sophisticated five-star venue style wedding. Something to suit every budget and every taste. Of course then our couples. We love photographing people in love there is something amazing about catching the look of loving someone in someone’s eye or the laughter between families and friends. In conclusion, we would like to say that this little island, this White Isle has pulled on our heart strings and we hope to make it our second home one day soon.

Enjoy this slideshow of the venues we love to photograph in Ibiza.



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