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Santorini Destination Wedding Photography Travels. We seriously love to travel. It is so exciting and it takes Beziiqué Destination Wedding Photographers to so many new and exciting places the world over. Also we love to go on an adventure for our couples special days that we have been asked to photograph. This trip we teamed up with James and Ellie from Ground Films for a wedding on the island of Santorini. See a teaser for their wedding video hereSantorini is a truly mysterious place. It evokes a sense of something different, something unique and it did not fail to surprise and delight us. Born from the heart of an ancient volcano, this little group of islands in Greece is as magical as it sounds.

In around 1620BC, a huge volcanic eruption occurred and caused the centre of the most southern of the Cyclades islands to collapse. The Aegean Sea poured into the resulting caldera, leaving the crescent-shaped volcanic rock we now know as Santorini. The water in the caldera has an inky blueness which is stunning and lends even more of an air of mystery. At the height of the summer, the islands are a little crowded from the visitors coming in from the cruise ships. The towns bustle with people milling about the shops and bars. There are still small pockets of calm. They are there and you have to seek them out.

Inky blue sea, white buildings and dramatic clifftop villages

In Oia, we met a gorgeous couple from China, who allowed us to capture them among the domes. Santorini and the quaint picturesque old town of Oia, in particular, is reputed to have the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It was spectacular to see the sun drop slowly into the sea. Only leaving a fiery glow and the silhouettes of the tiny islets in its wake. The light here on these islands is amazing for a destination wedding photographer, for it is light that we paint with. One of the most beautiful churches on the island is Profitis Elias, Church on the Hill in Fira. With its white and blue colours and bells.

The cliffs tops are mind blowing. You are really high up and there are colours of red, rust and chocolate browns. There is the Red Beach where the strata of the earth are visible and it’s truly fascinating. Some beaches are black from the volcanic start of the islands. It’s a place hard to describe but when you arrive by boat think Norway without greenery. Santorini a place of contrasts and contradictions. A place that is stunning for destination weddings. A place we will return to next year for another special day for a future bride and groom.

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