Wedding Photographer Amalfi & Sorrento – Personal Travel Journal

Wedding Photographer Amalfi Sorrento Italy – Personal Travel Journal

Italy is a truly special country. Being a wedding photographer Almafi Sorrento is a great honour. The Almalfi coast is truly spectacular. Elegant towns, full of historical architecture dot the steep rocky coastlines.  It’s amazing when we get to follow our dreams and visit new places. This happened earlier this year. One of our couples, Claire and Nuwan recently married at the stunning Duomo di Amalfi. This gave us an excuse for a little break from our routine, a chance to explore and travel. Something we love to do. Its a treat in the hectic and whirlwind lives of destination wedding photographers.

First of all, we stayed at Al Poggio Antico in the hills above Amalfi. 1865 steps linked this gorgeous little village and house to the main town. A truly stunning part of the world. Our first port of call was a drive along the coastal road to Positano. We also hired a delightful white Fiat 500 and it felt amazing driving with views of the sea. Sadly, a landslide on the road to Sorrento stopped us in our tracks. But we did not let it spoil our fun.

In the quaint streets of Amalfi, people basked in the warm sunshine and ate exquisite Italian delights. Old cobbled streets oozed with character and elegance. From quirky little wine shops to souvenirs and trinket stalls. One place that sticks in our minds is a shop selling Limoncello or Viking Juice as it is known. Made with the freshest Sicilian lemons we have ever tasted. I picked up some gorgeous designer bespoke shirts from an amazing men’s boutique. Italy is full of amazing high-end fashion.

Scouting for Locations…

We spent some time scouting for locations for Claire and Nuwan. During our destination wedding photography, we always do a couple portrait shoot. We found an amazing white cloister next to the cathedral. Perfect for a romantic private shoot. Also, we found other gorgeous viewpoints we know we could use to create magical memories for our couple.

We spent the days’ people watching, drinking fine Italian wine and also enjoyed the most delicious pizza and gelato with our couple at Donna Stella in Amalfi. Yum Yum!

Enjoy our little slide show…



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